For those interested, here are the actual figures we’re using.

It’s very important to remember that this is NOT a 1000% scientifically accurate model, it’s a representation and very much an amateur, fun project. So, while it’s going to be as accurate as we can make it, it is based on a walk along a curving, winding path, and not a simple  – and much easier to use – straight line, so the planets might not be at their precisely accurate positions, but will be close enough.

The whole thing is based on a very convenient walking route along the river Kent, measured out to be approximately 688m long. Placing the Sun at one end and Pluto at the other, that gives us a scale model of the Sun approximately 160mm across, and allows us to fit everything in. So, if you get your calculator out and work out that this planet or that planet should really be another few metres closer to or further away from the Sun, it’s not a big deal; we’re just trying to bring home to people the scale of the solar system in general terms, not with the accuracy of a planetarium or museum. 🙂

Here are the figures, which were calculated using a fantastic Exploratorium site, which can be found here:

Sun 162mm wide
Vesta 40m
Ceres 47m
MARS 26m
New Horizons 297.5m approx
PLUTO 688m
HAUMEA 750m approx
MAKEMAKE 795m approx
ERIS 1,178m approx
Voyager 1 1,904m approx
SEDNA 9,152 approx
Oort Cloud 1,382km approx
ALPHA CENTAURI 4,701km (Quebec)
SIRIUS 9,513km (Tokyo)
DENEB 1,524,661km
Milky Way core 1/3 way to the Sun!
Spirit record 123.6m
Opportunity record 219.7m
Neil Armstrong furthest walk 120m
Betelgeuse 60m wide
White dwarf 1.6mm wide
Neutron star 0.002mm wide

For anyone wanting to dive into Google Earth for themselves, our Sun will be positioned at:

54 deg 19 min 37 sec N

2 deg 44 min 42 sec W

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