Introducing the second Kendal Solar System Scale Model…

Last year, members of Kendal’s Eddington Astronomical Society, with help from members of the astronomy societies of Cockermouth and Barrow, and Doug Ellison of, created a scale model of the solar system in the town, by marking out the correct positions of the solar system’s planets (and other bodies) on the long pathway leading down from Kendal Castle…

It was a huge success, with almost 250 people accepting our invitation to “tour the solar system” on foot. Many people asked if we’d be doing it again…

We are!

This year’s Kendal Solar System Scale Model will actually be in the town itself, with the planets being arranged along a track that runs along the river Kent. (click on image for larger view)

We’re hoping that by making our model here it will be accessible to many more people, especially people who were, for whatever reason, unable to get up to the castle last year.

People walking the solar system trail will be able to take in many of the sights of Kendal, i.e. the famous Parish Church and Abbott Hall, so it will be a great way to combine learning about the size and wonders of the solar system with learning about the history of Kendal, too.

On this blog you’ll find all the information you need to enjoy our model. If there’s anything you want to know, please, just drop me a line – and the date to mark in your diary is SATURDAY AUGUST 14th!

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